What is the solution for a DDOS attack?

Falling victim to a Denial of Service attack renders all your computer services ineffective, which is a big loss for your company. In these cases, what can be done to counter the threat? How can the threat be stopped? Follow our section for more information.

Find a company in cyber security

Controlled attacks on the internet are solved if your company has a strong technical department. If not, you should use a company with the "Best Anti DDOS protection" label. In fact, please give preference to security companies that are the best in their field. Remember to read their track record, check their business and their quotes. Once you have done this, do not hesitate to check their electronic reputation to get a real idea of their service. If the company does not have an e-reputation, i.e. you do not see user reviews on their website, then switch to another company. A company's e-reputation is its shop window and any competent company will let its reputation speak for itself.

Stopping the DDOS threat

To restore your access to your files, the security firm will use its own techniques. Firstly, the IP address of the sponsor machine will be determined by blocking access to the firewall. Once this is done, the packets sent will be discarded without even being opened, which will return the situation to normal. The distributed denial of service attack, on the other hand, is more difficult to counter, as it originates from different computers. Thus, detecting IP addresses will only slow down the threat, not stop it. To prevent attacks, security companies advocate strengthening the security level of interconnected computers. They also talk about buffering, which filters and cleans traffic to avoid traffic saturation. For others, SYN cookies also make it possible to block certain attacks, but not those on the network bandwidth.