Weight training: 3 mistakes you should never make!

Weight training is an important part of one's workout routine. However, some people do not respect what it takes to practice and never get the expected results at the end of the day. Actually, weight training mistakes could hinder your fitness progress and set you up for injury. Thus, if you are having weight training, here are 3 mistakes you should never make and how to correct them 

Taking weight training as a sprint

Contrary to what people think, weight training is a long-term process. Your single routine is not enough to help gain the necessary masses to build your body. It is a whole program and when you do not put in all the resources it needs, you will skip steps. Thus, to reach your goals, you have to be patient; nothing comes out of the blue! You can even be practicing for years without getting the expected results. Following the steps and consistency are the keys! 

Practicing the wrong exercises

It is so tempting to follow the common herd, especially when you go to the gym. However, it will be beneficial for you to put that behavior aside and practice the exercises your body can afford. For instance, if you do not know what kind of weights you can lift, start with the light ones. Then, add up if necessary. But most importantly, do not forget to warm up your body to be sure that you have activated the correct muscles before getting started.

Not eating enough not resting enough or too much

One of the most common mistakes people make while following weight training is not to eat, at all! A car cannot run without fuel as you cannot work out properly without eating healthy carbs, proteins and fats. You have to nourish yourself before and after a session. Meanwhile, you must rest if you want your muscles to repair. This does not mean that you have to rest longer than you should, one to three minutes are sufficient depending on the kind of exercises you practice.