Traveling with your drone: what you need to know

Some people who are strapped to their drones take it with them everywhere. However, it is important to know certain rules when you have to travel with your drone.

Traveling with your drone: aviation regulations

There are some safety rules that you must follow if you want to travel with your drone. Indeed, the drone and its radio control are considered fragile objects. In addition, the device's batteries contain substances considered to be flammable and can cause explosions. So take the time to read the regulations before boarding your drone here

How to properly transport your drone by plane?

The first thing to do is separate the device and the batteries. These are perceived as dangerous goods and will therefore travel far from the drone with all the necessary protection.
Depending on the dimensions, the equipment can be placed in the hold in a rigid suitcase. It can also constitute hand baggage and travel in the cabin. For checked baggage, it is essential to take into account the maximum authorized weight in order not to pay additional costs. When the drone travels in the cabin, it is not considered a dangerous object.

Batteries travel separately

It should be noted that the lithium battery contains hazardous materials which mean that it cannot travel in the hold. Indeed, it is very sensitive to atmospheric pressure and to cold. When preparing for transporting your battery, take care to insulate its contacts to avoid the risk of short circuits. In the same vein, each accumulator must be placed individually in a plastic bag. You will be able to find the pockets adapted to the level of the businesses. Everything will be put in your cabin baggage.