Know all about Aztecs clothing

The Aztecs were a powerful people who dominated a large part of Mexico in the 15th century. Their culture was rich in art, religion and traditions, including fashion and textiles. The Aztec made of natural materials such as cotton, linen and wool, and were often wool, and were often adorned with intricate embroidery and designs. Today, companies have sprung up that market exceptional Aztec of exception.

Choosing a clothing for different social classes

The Aztecs had a hierarchical society and clothing was used to clothes were used to distinguish the different social classes. For having a wide range of clothes like overcoats or shirts, you can check this check this page. The nobles wore long tunics and capes made of colored colored bird feathers while the workers wore simpler clothes made of cotton clothes. Aztec women also wore long skirts designed differently and tight-fitting shirts, often adorned with beads and gems.

A Clothing for religious ceremonies

Clothing was also important in religious ceremonies and religious ceremonies and rituals. Priests wore feathered robes and masks and masks to represent the gods, while human sacrifices were often were often dressed in special clothes to honor the gods. 

The Aztecs believed that clothing was a way to connect with the gods and to invoke gods and invoke them to bring prosperity and protection for everyone. The Aztec clothing was an important aspect of the culture and society, reflecting social hierarchy, religious beliefs and rich and complex textile and complex textile traditions.

Aztec clothing remains today a symbol of the cultural symbol of the cultural heritage of this people conquered by the Spanish in the 16th century. Although their physical presence has been really erased, their influence continues in traditional influence continues in the traditional clothing and textiles of Mexico. The Aztec clothing is a testament to the richness of the Aztec culture and their passion for textiles and fashion. If you are attracted by Aztec clothing, turn to specialized shops and do not hesitate to ask for advice.