How to develop your IQ?

The intelligence quotient determines a human's ability to think and adapt; there are many tests available today that can determine their level. There are many ways to improve your IQ, so in this article we will be pointing out some tips you can use to improve your IQ.

The practice of intellectual exercises

The development of cognitive abilities requires simple actions. The exercises to be done are usually at hand, to learn more, click here.  Reading is the most powerful factor in the process of acquiring knowledge. All thanks to this, which makes one, acquires most of the knowledge.

Other activities such as math exercises, crafts, help develop the logical mind of the practitioner. It is important to note that intellectual capacities should help to adapt to all circumstances.

Diet and sport have an impact on the brain

Formulas like "eat balanced", "eat five fruits and vegetables a day" have a very important place in the process of growth of the intellect. It is therefore essential to be able to meet the energy need that is necessary for neuronal growth, which acts as transmitters of information.

In the same way food, avoiding certain foods is imperative when you are concerned about your intelligence quotient. Alcohol, coffee, drugs should be avoided like the plague because they have harmful effects on neuronal flow. Drink enough water, a simple gesture that nevertheless helps stimulate the whole body. Likewise, tea and herbal teas are preferred.

Physical activities promote the circulation of blood in the body. The brain demands a lot of oxygen. Sometimes, the brain receives sufficient quantity during the exercises which promote the rise. It is therefore important to practice exercise at least three times in a week, you can practice jogging or a short marathon. So here is something to improve the physical and the intellectual.