How to choose an Epson printer?

Before choosing an Epson printer, you need to evaluate a number of options. First, define the spending budget you want to allocate to your next device, then identify the type of printer that fits your needs. Find out how to choose an Epson printer.

Printer types

The most common types of printers on the market are ink jet. Visit to learn more. They are commonly used in Italy as well as jet lasers. There is no one type of printer that is better than the other, but each has advantages and disadvantages and can be more effective in some areas and barely useful in others. Ink jet printers are particularly versatile and can be used for medium intensity applications and for printing text, photo, or image documents. They are the best in terms of print accuracy and color fidelity, but cartridge changes can be frequent and result in a higher cost per print than other technologies. Laser printers are best if you know you will be printing frequently, especially text, in large quantities. They are the cheapest to run, and it is now possible to find very affordable models as a starting price. There are several models of printers for printing of any color. But the representation of the graphic content is inferior to the ink jet of the same price.

Multifunction printers

As you can easily see by its name, a printer is multifunctional when it includes several modules inside and different types of functions related only in a broad sense to the actual printing. For example, if a printer also includes a scanner, it is multifunctional. A multifunction printer allows you to print or create photocopies, to scan documents or photos, or to manage faxes. Some also support photo printing and can be multifunctional, regardless of the printing technology adopted. So there are multifunctional laser and ink jet printers. Moreover, today, it is not easy to find printers that do not have a built-in scanner function.