How to choose a kitchen faucet?

Water consumption in the kitchen is much higher than in other rooms of the house or apartment. It is equipped with a dishwasher and often a washing machine and a sink for food processing. How to choose a faucet for the kitchen when it has to bear more loads every day than the mixer tap in the bathroom? The selection of faucets for the kitchen is made according to various criteria. Therefore, the basic requirements are reliability, resistance, and ease of maintenance. Continue reading for more information.

Know the type of faucet

Kitchen faucets for water can be different. It's a method of opening the water, external design, method of attachment and even the material of manufacture. You can visit the site to learn more. Another important criterion is the internal mechanism of the crane. In order to choose a faucet for the kitchen, it is important to determine for yourself which type is best suited to your needs.

The method of attachment

Another important detail when choosing a mixer for the kitchen is the type of attachment. The crane of the single-lever or single-lever mixer is attached directly to the sink or cut into the worktop by screwing on the fixing nuts. These types of mixers are connected via flexible pipes under the sink. Often, communications are made in the walls and the cranes are connected to the pipes coming out of the walls. In such cases, eccentrics (round parts with two coincident axes) are used for connection, with one side connected to the water supply pipe and the other to the tap.

Identify the materials of manufacture of the faucet

It is not unknown that the durability of a device depends more on the material from which it is made. Today, you can see mixers made of completely different materials. Mixers made of metal alloys or plastics have a protective and decorative coating. These are usually enameled, chrome and stainless steel. In the majority, stainless steel or chrome cranes are preferred because of their attractive appearance and the durability of their coating.