How to apply online?

With the spectacular advance of the technology, today it is no more necessary to move to a specific place to apply for a job or to have an interview. With internet it is now possible to make it online. All you need is just a mobile phone or a computer and an internet connection. 

How to apply for a job online?

In the announce the first page is usually on the job caracteristics and the next page presents you the form to fill.

You will be in need of the following: an email address, a resume, a cover letter, an internet access and a computer or a smart phone. To make your online job search easy and your application process simple follow these steps: 

-              Updating your resume: it must contain recent information about your identity and competences, current contact and your full employment history.

-              Updating your profile on professional networking platforms: make sure your profile is up to date and that you don’t have any image posts that could deter hiring managers to from hiring you.

-              Using keywords: you can find them using the job description. Make use of relevant keywords in your resume. It helps the recruiter to scan your resume easily. 

-              Using job search engines

-              Using company websites: if you know which company you want to work for check their websites directly.

-              Being selective: Don’t choose everything; know the kind of job you want and make sure you understand the requirements of the job. 

-              Drafting a separate cover letter for each application: this means that your cover letter should address the specific job requirements and highlight your skills and achievements. 

-              Completing an online job application 

-               Avoiding errors in your responses: give accurate full responses 

-              Tracking and following up on your job applications 

-              Keeping applying: don’t give up till you get the job you want