Artwork on prison wall believed to have been painted by Banksy 

A mural on the wall of a closed British prison is suspected to have been painted by eclectic street artist, Banksy. The mural shows a prisoner trying to escape the prison. 

Reading prison was shut down in 2013 after it was in operation for many years. The prison is famous for detaining world-famous Irish poet Oscar Wilde on charges of "gross indecency". 

The mural matches Banksy's style 

People believe the mural was painted by Banksy because it matches his wild and strange designs. It is still unsure whether he was the one that painted it, as he has not confirmed the rumor on his social media pages. 

The mural is also believed to represent Wilde because it depicts the jailbreaker hanging off the prison wall on papers gotten from a typewriter. Oscar Wilde wrote about his experience in the prison in his 1898 poem titled "The Ballad of Reading Gaol." The famous prison shut down in 2013. 

Banksy, via his Instagram page, confirmed that a mural painted on a wall and titled "Aachoo" was his. The mural was about an elderly woman losing her fake teeth due to a violent sneeze. He has not confirmed any other mural since then.  

Banksy has been creating new art during the lockdown 

Banksy has reportedly been very busy during the lockdown. In April 2020, he uploaded pictures to his Instagram page of rats he painted in his bathroom. The caption of the post read: "My wife hates it when I work from home."

He also made a tribute to Frontline workers when he drew a mural of a small child playing with a doll that had a mask, scrubs, and a cape. 

In an Instagram video, he spray-painted a mural of a rat on the London Underground train. During the video, he told his followers to be safety conscious and to always wear a mask.